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How to use a Face Scrub

24 Sep 2022 1 comment
How to use a Face Scrub STRICTLY ORGANICS

Does your skincare routine include exfoliation?

Without exfoliation, you cannot think of making your skin look healthy & smooth. That means it gets absolutely essential to include a face scrub in your skincare routine, regardless of your skin type. Many of us believe that some skin types do not require exfoliation, but it is not true. As per many dermatologists- “Exfoliation is requisite for healthy skin”. As everybody’s face skin needs something to get rid of those dead skin cells.

 Buff away all the skin impurities & dead skin cells and reap the benefits of healthy skin with a natural exfoliating Face scrub.


How to use a Face Scrub and Skin Care at Home?

Best Organic Face Scrub in India

Step1: First rinse your face with water and don't pat dry.

Step 2: Take a small amount of scrub on your fingers and in a circular motion with little pressure massage it on your wet face.

Step 3: Massage thoroughly all over your face on your neck & chin for around 15 to 20 seconds.

Step 4: Wash your face with lukewarm or cold water.

Step 5: Pat dry your face very gently with a clean towel.

Step 6: Apply an adequate super-hydrating moisturiser such as Strictly Organics natural skin moisturizer. Also, apply sunscreen 15-25 minutes before going outdoors

Benefits of using Face Scrubs 


Removes Dirt & Dead Skin Cells

A vital benefit of face scrub is that it slough off dirt & dead skin cell. The dead skin cells create a dry & dull skin layer and clog pores. Natural Face scrubs exfoliate and help replenish the skin with new skin cells & unveils soft & smoother skin that we all look out for.

Prevent Clogged Pores

Many times the excess sebum produced by our body clogs the pores. And the clogged pores lead to acne. Exfoliation unclogs pores by clearing away oil.

Improves Skin Texture

Our face skin is very sensitive and gentle. It gets easily damaged by pollution & the UV rays and becomes dull & dry. A face scrub aids in skin replenishment and enhances skin appearance and skin texture.

Diminish Acne Marks

Face scrubs do not completely remove the acne scars & dark spots but lighten them and make them less noticeable. Face scrub also removes the skin flakes.

Amplify the Work of Other Skincare Products

Face scrub makes your other products work more effectively as it removes the dirt & dead skin cells layer and unclogs pores, making products to absorb deeper into the skin and nourish from within. 

Other Benefits

Other benefits of face scrub include reducing the risk of ingrown hair, making skin smooth & bright, and preventing premature aging.

How frequently should you use a face scrub?

It is important that you know how often you must exfoliate to prevent over-exfoliating. Over-exfoliation will make your face skin severely dry & flaky. Depending on various factors, you must exfoliate two or three times a week. Since in winter, the skin gets very dull & dry, you should exfoliate your face with a scrub around three times a week. But if your skin is very sensitive or prone to skin irritation, exfoliate once or twice per week.


How to select face scrub as per skin type?


For Dry Skin

Exfoliation is a must for dry skin. If you don’t exfoliate then your dry skin will get dull and become flaky. But for dry skin, you must not choose a harsh exfoliator. Opt for a very gentle winter scrub that contains natural exfoliating ingredients like Bamboo Face Scrub which is one of the best face scrubs. In case you have very severe dry skin then it is advisable to exfoliate once a week.

For Oily Skin

People with oily skin must choose a scrub that not only exfoliates but also contains ingredients that can prevent acne breakouts. Cause oily skin is prone to acne & pimples. 

For Combination Skin

Choosing the right exfoliator for combination skin is not easy as it incorporates both oily and dry skin (i.e. oily T-zone and dry cheeks). So, it gets important to choose the right exfoliating product that caters to your skincare needs. You must focus more on the t-zone areas when exfoliating and use a cream-based scrub.

For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is prone to irritation, and skin redness. So, do not scrub harshly. Be smooth & gentle and apply in small circular motions. Use Strictly Organics organic face scrub that is ultra-mild with a soft consistency and has tiny & gentle granules.

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Important Tip:

Don’t use the same scrub on your body & face. Using body scrub on the face can damage your skin & can clog pores which leads to acne. Your body skin and face skin are not the same. The body skin is less sensitive and much drier than the face skin. Even the concentration & blends used in the formulation of both the scrubs differs. So, never use a body scrub to exfoliate your face skin. For your body use a natural body scrub having nourishing elements.



Which is the best face scrub for glowing skin?

Strictly Organics Bamboo Face Scrub is one of the best face scrubs for glowing skin. It is formulated with organic skin nourishing ingredients like Green Tea Extract, Vitamin C, Niacinamide, etc.


What are the benefits of organic face scrub?

The organic face scrub offers endless benefits. It helps to unclog pores, remove dead skin cells & flakes, reduce acne scars & spots, improve skin texture & complexion, and more. The good thing is organic face scrubs are chemical-free and non-irritant.


Which is the best body scrub for women?

One of the best body scrubs for women is Strictly Organics Walnut body scrub. The scrub is a natural & vegan body scrub that gently washes off dirt & dead skin cells, making skin look evenly smooth.


Which is the best natural exfoliating face scrub?

Bamboo Face Scrub works as the best natural exfoliating face scrub as bamboo is a powerful ingredient that acts as a gentle exfoliator and brings a natural glow to the skin.

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