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Everything About Minimalist Skincare Routine

12 Nov 2022 0 Comments
Minimalist Skincare Routine

Minimalist skincare routine for a glowing skin

If you are an avid social media user, you probably must have come across this trending term. This skincare trend has been all over the Internet in recent times. So, what exactly is skin minimalism? Let's understand what a minimalist skincare routine is all about and the importance of opting for organic skincare products.


What is skin minimalism? 

Skin minimalism is choosing and selecting your products in such a way that it excludes the non-necessary ones. It's about buying only those products that will help your skin breathe naturally without getting too sloppy. Not just that, it's also about building the best minimalist skincare routine by choosing the right products that can keep your skin Healthy and Happy.

Minimalist Skincare Routine with Organic skincare

The main motive of skin minimalism is to protect and nourish your skin by choosing effective products. And the best way to do it is by choosing clean beauty products or natural products for skin. As organic skincare items have minimal yet very effective natural ingredients competent enough to tackle all sorts of skin issues. Plus they are very affordable, anti-irritant for all skin types, and free from harmful synthetic chemicals.

Why do we need skin minimalism?

We are here to explain why we need Skin minimalism and its importance for the skin. Just imagine what will happen to the skin which absorbs too many products on it. Won't it get crazy? And if that skin is already dealing with some concerns, applying too many products will do more harm than good. Before your skin faces the wrath of too many skin care products, let's understand why we need skin minimalism.

Minimalist Skincare Routine

1) It will keep your skin barrier healthy

The skin barrier is the topmost layer of our skin (the epidermis). The layer is named so because it acts as a protective barrier for our skin, which keeps harmful elements like microbes, pollution, toxic air,  and dust away from entering the skin. Using unnecessary products on the skin can damage this barrier and if destroyed, can invite a lot of skin concerns.

2) Will minimise the sensitivity and irritation on your skin

Once you stick to a minimalist skincare regime, your skin will start to feel and look better. And when it feels better, it smiles within. This means reduced breakouts and less irritation.

3) Saves your time & money

Practising skin minimalism also saves your precious time and money. Now you won't be buying unnecessary products, and only the most important ones will do the trick.

4) More radiance and glow

Your skin will become more radiant once you start using only fewer products. Naturally, glowing skin surely doesn't need multiple products, but the right lifestyle, eating habits, and the most essential skincare products.

5) Less waste & more sustainability

With fewer products now in the vanity, you will create less waste. This means more sustainability, a beautiful environment, and a happier wildlife


Here is a basic 2+4 step minimalist skincare routine to follow skin minimalism


Go with curated skin care products

Many skin care products are curated in such a way that they simultaneously target multiple skin concerns. So, you must include such skincare items as they make effective plus the best minimalist skincare routine. For instance, we recommend our organic facial cleanser that not just cleanses but also addresses multiple skin concerns like - pigmentation, uneven skin tone, and acne breakouts while being gentle on the skin.


look for multi-active skin care products

Before minimising your skin care products, you can always check what the product has to offer, and how many skincare activities the product has. Skincare actives are special ingredients (active ingredients) that target a particular skin concern, for instance: dullness, oil imbalance, acne, dryness, pigmentation, aging skin, or others. Sometimes a single skincare product contains many active ingredients. So, instead of going with numerous skin products, you can choose a product with multi-active to maximise the skin benefits.



Cleansing is the first and most important step. To practise skin minimalism, pick a multi-purpose cleanser that not only cleanses but also targets skin concerns like Pigmentation, Dull skin, Oil imbalance, and others. You can try our two uniquely mild facial cleansers that beautifully target different skin concerns. One is enriched with sea buckthorn, chamomile & turmeric, and the other contains tea tree and hemp extracts. 



Exfoliation is periodically needed for a thorough cleansing. Dead skin cells and oil can build up on our faces, resulting in clogged skin pores, which eventually cause acne and skin breakouts. Strictly Organics bamboo face scrub perfectly exfoliates your skin and removes dead skin cells. It's no-tearing formula gently removes your blackheads, whiteheads, and other skin impurities, leaving the skin soft and clean.



Serums are best when it comes to following a minimalist skincare routine. Use serum after cleansing your face. They contain active ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin and target specific skincare concerns. You can try our multi-active vitamin C Face serum in the morning, and for the night time try our collagen-boosting night serum.

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The last step is moisturisation. As we age, the oil glands of our faces begin to lose their power, and leaving moisturisation out of your daily skincare routine makes your oil glands thirsty and dehydrated. That is the reason why daily moisturising of skin becomes necessary. Moisturization keeps our skin healthy and well-hydrated. Now you may ask, if we are using serum why do we need to moisturise our skin? The answer is simple, while serum penetrates deep into the skin, moisturisers work at the surface to increase hydration. Try Strictly Organics Face Moisturizers, Its 24 hours moisture-locking formula will keep your face moisturised throughout the day without any shine or grease.

Strictly Organics Face Moisturiser for Dry Skin

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How to create the best minimalist skincare routine?

For minimalist skincare, your skincare routine must include-Cleansing (Use a gentle minimalist natural facial cleanser), Moisturising (Opt for a super hydrating moisturizer), Exfoliating (Use a scrub that has a natural exfoliator such as Bamboo Face Scrub), Sunscreen (choose an alcohol-free sunscreen with SPF 30 or above) and Facial serums (such as vitamin C face serum, or anti-aging serum, etc)

What are the best minimalist skincare products?

A good minimalist beauty product is one that has multipurpose benefits and is free from unnecessary ingredients. One such brand who have the best minimalist natural skincare products that you can try out is Strictly Organics. This brand uses simple natural ingredients that show effective results.

Which is a good minimalist moisturizer for oily skin?

A minimalist moisturizer such as Natural & Vegan mosituriser from Strictly Organics is really good for oily skin. It is enriched with skin nourishing elements such as aloe vera, almond oil, etc that not only remove excess oil but improve overall skin appearance.

Can you suggest some best minimalist skincare routine for acne?

For a good skin care regimen for acne skin, you must use Strictly Organics products such as Gentle Turmeric Face Wash, Anti Acne Face Pack, Exfoliating Bamboo Face Scrub, and Vitamin C Face Serum are some of the best minimalist products for acne removal. 

What are the benefits of having a minimalist skincare regimen?

A minimalist skincare routine not only saves your time or money but also helps in cutting down unnecessary products which are of no use and reducing the chances of skin damage. 

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