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Pre and Post Holi Skincare Tips - HOLI 2023

23 Feb 2023 1 comment
Pre and Post Holi Skincare Tips - HOLI 2023 - STRICTLY ORGANICS

Pre and Post Holi Skincare Tips

Holi is a festival that celebrate to welcome spring with colours (gulal) and splashing coloured water on others. This vibrant day where you enjoy yourself with your friends & relative is around the corner. Though it is advisable to use organic colours (gulal) in Holi, we can’t be sure about the quality of the colours we are using because they can have chemicals in them that cause allergic irritation and rashes to the skin.

You can easily avoid these aftereffects on your skin and hair by following proper Holi skin care tips. Choosing the best Strictly Organics products can make your Holi memorable without causing any harmful effects on your skin.

Holi Skin Care Tips (Pre Holi-Skin care & Post Holi Skin Care): -

If you want to enjoy Holi without thinking about the aftereffects on your skin. Just follow proper yet effective skincare for Holi.

Pre Holi-Skin Care

Post Skin Care

Avoid treatment before a day on the face like, threading, facial and using retinol etc.

Cleanse with organic face wash

Use facial oils 

Do extra skin care with mild face scrubs and face packs

Use suns cream & serum

Do care of body as well with natural products.

Lip balms, provide moisture to your lips.

Give instant and effective moisture.

Pre Holi-Skin Care Tips:

  1. Use Oil Protection: - It is the first step in Pre Holi skin care, start slathering your face with oil, which acts as a protective barrier against colour, dust, and dirt. Strictly Organics Natural & Vegan Face Moisturiser with Aloe Vera & Almond Oil provides nourishment and protection at the same time. Almond oil clear colour dust smoothly. It strengthens your skin barrier and helps in avoiding staining and allergies caused by harsh colours. It acts as a barrier against the harmful chemicals found in Holi colours, preventing them from penetrating your skin without leaving you greasy and oily.

  1. Use Sun & UV rays Protectors: - Playing Holi in sun exposure make your skin prone to sun damage and can exacerbate skin allergies. To withstand harmful UV rays, one should use citric antioxidant-rich products like Strictly Organics Vitamin C Face Serum with Niacinamide & Hyaluronic Acid that protect your skin from sun damage and free radicals while keeping your skin hydrating all day.

  1. Moisture Your Lips: - Use petroleum jelly on your lips before and after the Holi celebration, it helps in keeping your lips hydrated and provides a barrier to your lips from harsh chemical colours also provides nourishment to it.

Post Holi Skin Care Tips: -

1. Cleanse Your Face: -

Already, the chemicals in Holi colours can cause damage to your skin, so it is critical to use a gentle cleanser for your face. According to experts, use the cleanser that matches your skin tone so that it works with your skin texture. Cleanser cleans your clogged skin pores while also preparing your skin for your skincare routine.

a)- Turmeric Face Wash with Sea Buckthorn for Oil Control & Acne: - 

Use this face wash if you have acne-prone skin; it deep cleans your pores and removes all remnants from your skin. The formulation eases skin irritation caused by Holi colour and minimizes acne breakouts while providing moisture to the skin.

Strictly Organics Turmeric Face Wash

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Also, helping in getting rid of sun tanning caused by playing Holi in the sun.

b)- Tea Tree & Hemp Face Cleanser for Dry Skin: -

Use this face wash if you have a dry skin tone that provides deep cleaning and instant nourishment to the skin lost in playing Holi.

Hemp Seeds & Tea Tree oil is well known for rejuvenating dry skin and diminishing skin flakiness.

Strictly Organics Tea Tree Face Wash

2. Use mild exfoliation and provide face pack: -

Holi Colours dust sits in your skin pores and makes your pores enlarge, making your skin more susceptible to allergies, acne, and rashes. This is how Holi colours affect your skin. Therefore, it is advisable to do mild exfoliation with Strictly Organics Green Tea & Exfolaiting Face Scrub, which gently scrubs and unclogs pores and preps your skin for getting more benefit from skin products as it makes the path for a skin product to easily penetrate your skin.

Provide instant nourishment to the skin by using the De-Tan Face Pack for Pigmentation and Tan, which helps de-tan your skin. It contains sandalwood powder and Multani powder as its prime components, which have antioxidants, helps soothe sunburn, and protect from UV rays. It provides natural hydration and inhibits skin brightening.

3. Take care of your body as well: -

We often take face skincare more seriously than body skincare, but Holi colours make no difference; they can cause allergies to both, so to overcome this situation, you should not forget your body. Wash your body post-Holi with Vegan Patchouli Body Wash with Sea Buckthorn for Skin Brightening. It contains essential oil including Sea Buckthorn Oil and Patchouli Oil help in pampering your body along with instant freshness and hydration. 

Also, follow scrubbing your body to get rid of colour particles that sit in your skin pores. For this, use Walnut Body Scrub with Turmeric and Niacinamide, which not only scrubs your pores but also removes tan and dull skin.

4. Moisture your skin: -

To nourish your skin, use instant moisturizers that penetrate deep into it. Strictly Organics Natural Aloe Vera Gel with Rosewater and Hyaluronic Acid is a multi-use product that provides an instant cooling effect that calm-down skin irritation and rashes caused by harmful Holi colours. The hyaluronic acid in it gives it the ability to hold moisture from the skin. This is how to finish your Post-Holi skincare regime.

Some Extra Tips in skincare for Holi: -

  • Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated. This tip keeps you energized throughout the day while also preventing your skin from dehydrating and drying out.

  • Use an ice cube, the best remedy which provides your skin an instant relaxation from the burning sensation caused due to harmful chemicals present in Holi Colours. It also makes your skin pores shrink.

  • Also, take care of your Hair and use Hair serum which provides your hair instant nourishment that washes away during Holi due to harsh colours and constant exposure to the sun.

Conclusion: -

Holi colours can be harsh to your skin, but following proper Holi skincare tips with effective yet mild organic products help your skin to play Holi without the tension of aftereffects caused due to chemical present in Holi colours. So, make your Holi more vibrant and joyful with vegan, cruelty, and toxin-free products from Strictly Organics.

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FAQs: -

1.How Holi colours affect your skin?

Holi colours may have harmful chemicals, which cause a burning sensation, itching, dryness & rashes to the skin. To avoid these circumstances, you must follow effective Holi skin care Tips.

2. What are the steps to follow in skincare for Holi?

Ans. Use these Steps to must follow in skincare for Holi

i )- Skin care before Holi: You need to follow, oil your Skin and Hair, always use anti UV rays’ products, and do not forget to provide moisture to your lips.

ii)- Skin care after Holi: 1. Cleanse,2. mild exfoliation, and 3. Do moisturize your skin.

3. How can you safely play Holi?

Ans. One should take care of their skin and hair by following the above-mentioned pre- and post-Holi skin care instructions. It is always advisable to use more water and flower petals when playing Holi.

4. Is it fine to do exfoliation before Holi?

Ans. No, Avoid exfoliation 48-72 hrs before Holi.

5. How to use oil on acne-prone skin?

Ans. Use non-comedogenic face oil which not stuck in your skin and provides a shield that helps colours not penetrate your skin. Use a thin layer of face oil.

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1 comment

19 Jun 2023 Vilvah

I am grateful for the informative post on Holi skincare tips. I look forward to trying the tips and learning more about skincare for Indian festivals.

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