About us

Strictly Organics India started from a humble family who thought to introduce safe and healthy personal care to the community. 

Founder Namita Gupta, a 70 years Young Grandmother's mission to start an organic, natural, and non-toxic personal care brand, was started when synthetic chemicals & harmful toxins became a cause of her husband’s death. After such a tragic loss, she realized how toxin skincare products can cause long-term effects on human health & the environment too. And decided to make a change, and use only organic and natural products for her family. 

After years of adopting a healthy lifestyle and noticing the positive differences in their life, she decided to start a venture along with her granddaughter-in-law. 

Despite having any experience, with strong passion & dedication, in 2021, they started Strictly Organics, a brand based on ‘Simplifying Skincare’ by employing the power of natural plant extracts, organic purity, and making the best use of mother nature. After years of R&D in the natural processes and deep studying various organic skin ingredients, they curated an amazing range of natural clean skincare products made with Certified Organic & ECOCERT Certified Natural Ingredients, conforming to be safe and free of harmful chemical substances.     

Strictly Organics is based on ‘Simplifying Skincare’ by employing the power of natural plant extracts, organic purity, and making the best use of mother nature. We wanted to keep all our products simple yet effective, carrying the potential of traditional ayurveda and embracing the minimalist approach. Into the making of each product, goes lots of care, clinical testing, and standardized quality check. We are also looking at the major environmental crisis and trying to keep all our products VEGAN & use only a single layer of packaging and try not to give extra packaging or layers of one-time use plastic or paper. We have even started an initiative in our local area to collect newspapers from households and to use them in place of bubble wraps or any new packaging papers for shipping, this helps our vision of recycling and keeping our carbon footprint in all aspects of the business close to neutral.”

Namita Gupta

Founder, Strictly Organics


“Since 2021, the brand has been running in the beautiful valley of Dehradun. Strictly organics has woven to provide health and care to everyone with keeping the prices in mind for the masses. We believe that health and wellness should not be an option but rather a standard. Hence, we try to source the ingredients directly from the Himalayas and prepare them with a blend of traditional & modern techniques so that they don't lose their originality.  We are also helping to generate women's employment in the local area. It is still a totally women-owned and majorly women-run business. Being an eco-friendly & sustainable brand, we are aiming to be plastic-neutral till 2025 that means for every amount of plastic we use, an equivalent of plastic waste will be recovered and removed from the environment by us.

Anjali Mason

Co-founder, Strictly Organics


At Strictly Organics we promise to give you the products that make your skin shine naturally while boosting your inner beauty and bringing you the ultimate joy.