Our Promise

Reinvent Your Skincare

Although Beauty cannot be defined, It begins the minute you feel right in your skin. Being comfortable in your skin comes from making the right choice. The idea behind Strictly Organics was to connect people with the goodness of nature to offer an organic, natural and vegan alternative to modern-day beauty products. Therefore, our first promise is to provide the right products for every skin type. We create our products with love, so they don't harm you and mother nature. We use Certified Organic and ECOCERT Certified Natural Ingredients, which make our products safe and gentle for your skin.


Cosmetics and the environment don't go hand in hand. From the product packaging to the harmful ingredients, toxins in beauty products harm our planet, its soil and precious waters, which ultimately end up in the food chain, damaging and killing not only wild animals and their habitat but us too. Therefore, Strictly Organics comprehensively commits itself to the idea of a sustainable earth. We are conscious that the beauty industry produces numerous plastic waste. According to the latest news reports, 70% of the beauty industry’s waste comes from packaging. Hence, we make sure our packaging is eco-friendly. We use only recycled materials to ensure the environment and our own better health. We use a single layer of packaging in our products and strive to avoid Packaging menace. 


We are completely transparent about the ingredients of our products. Ingredients that are completely refrained from being used in the manufacturing of our products are :


  • TALC


  • EDTA















At Strictly Organics, we are committed to providing organic, natural and skin-friendly products. Our products are organic and made from natural resources. We make sure our product is the best and safest for you. We use the most clinically safe and best storage systems to ensure the shelf life of our products. Less than 1% of preservatives are added to protect our products and consumers from all concerns.

Proudly Vegan

Strictly Organics is proudly vegan, i.e. we don’t use animal-based derivatives and animal by-products, such as lanolin, honey, and beeswax. Vegan products are made from natural and organic ingredients and are skin-friendly. Vegan ingredients reduce the risk of skin reactions, acne and itching.

Carbon Neutral

Being "carbon neutral" means releasing the same amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that was otherwise offset. This can be done in many ways, such as installing solar panels in your home or switching to an electric vehicle. We plan to be carbon neutral by the year 2025, which means for each amount of plastic used by us, an equivalent amount of plastic waste is collected and removed from the environment.


We are proudly made in India.