How Strictly Organics Is Different From Others?

The packaging not only keeps the product safe during transit between our manufacturing facility to end consumer, but it also adds to its Aesthetic, weight, and value. Different materials are used for packaging Consisting of paper and plastics. Although the packaging is important, they are harmful to the environment and many of them aren’t eco-friendly.

Many use plastic boxes, bubble wraps when packing their products but this plastic packaging is not only harmful to the environment but also for humans and animals. Plastic contains toxic chemicals, which are detrimental to human health. Chemicals in the plastic-like lead, cadmium, and mercury directly can come in contact with humans. These toxins can cause cancers, congenital disabilities, immune system problems, and childhood development issues. Plastic isn’t biodegradable too so will remain forever depleting human health and nature.

Another packaging that is commonly used is paper boxes. You must be aware that paper is made from trees and that they are cut in order to make tons of papers leading to deforestation and Global Warming. Paper and paperboard products made up the largest percentage of all the materials in Landfills in the USA, at 23.1% of total waste. The burning of both types of materials either paper or plastic leads to the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere, which is harmful to the environment and humans as well.

Strictly Organics is aware of all these consequences, therefore, doesn’t include any type of extra plastic or paper packaging for their products as it is mostly single-use. We believe in working in favor of the environment therefore follow the 3 R’s of Environment as much as possible. The 3 R’s of environment include Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

We have started an initiative in our local area to collect newspapers from households and to use them in place of bubble wraps or any new packaging papers for shipping, this helps our vision of recycling and keep our carbon footprint in all aspects of the business close to neutral.

We believe that we have been living on this beautiful planet as a guest of nature and should respect it and try not to harm it in any way possible. If you share the same thoughts as we do and want to do little good for our nature, stay connected with us and our future products, which aim to maintain environmental sustainability through our organic and natural products.