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Why is Vitamin C Essential For the Skin

21 Jun 2022 1 comment
Why is Vitamin C Essential For the Skin STRICTLY ORGANICS

Vitamin C, a key ingredient, is added to many skin care products, and there is a reason for that; our body cannot produce Vitamin C itself, but our skin needs it. It helps in maintaining healthy skin, protects skin from sun damage, increases collagen production, provides hydration and evens the skin tone.

To understand how a Vitamin C face serum can improve your skin’s health, let's first learn some fact about it. Vitamin C is an antioxidant which helps fights free radicals. Free radicals are unstable atoms that cause skin collagen breakdown, wrinkles, fine lines etc. For the face, Vitamin C acts as a potent antioxidant; that help removes free radicals from the skin and increases collagen production. Vitamin C face serum can do wonders to your skin. It is an essential vitamin that will heal dark spots, hyperpigmentation, dark circles, uneven skin tone, and sun-damaged skin.


Here are five ways Vitamins C face serum can improve your skin:

1- Reduces premature skin ageing-

An unhealthy lifestyle, chemical products and pollution can make your skin look dull and aged at a young age. Vitamin C face serum helps in protecting the skin from premature ageing by increasing the growth of collagen, which helps in maintaining skin elasticity and reducing skin dryness and wrinkles.

2- Controls excess melanin production-

Overproduction of melanin (Melanin is a substance that provides pigmentation to your skin, hair and eyes) can cause dark patches on the skin due to inflammation or sun damage, which can make your skin look uneven and patchy. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that helps control the excess production of melanin by providing hydration to the skin and by forming new skin cells.

3- Helps in Skin brightening-

A damaged, dry and acne-prone skin makes you look dull and aged. Vitamin C face serum, with its skin brightening properties, helps you restore your skin's natural shine and brightness. It helps in healing the damaged skin and rejuvenates the skin.

4- Removes dark spots and acne-

 Vitamin C face serum effectively targets dark spots and hyperpigmentation. It heals and nourishes pigmented and sun-damaged skin. It brightens the skin tone and provides healthier and younger-looking skin. It firms the skin while hydrating it and removes the dead skin cells that cause dark spots and acne.

5- Protect from pollution and sun damage-

Vitamin C face serum does not work as a sunscreen, which means it does not stop UV rays from entering the skin, but plays a crucial role in fighting the free radicals (formed due to UV radiation) that break down the production of collagen, which is essential for skin elasticity.


Why you should try Strictly Organics Vitamin C Serum?

Strictly Organics Vitamin C Serum is made with ECOCERT-certified natural and organic ingredients, making it organically safe for your skin. It contains EthylAscorbic Acid, the most stable form of vitamin C, which helps to boost collagen and brightens the skin. Niacinamide in this serum balances sebum production and fades pigmentation.

This vitamin c face serum is enriched with Hyaluronic acid and Aloevera to provide hydration and soothe redness. Neroli, with its antimicrobial properties, combats acne breakouts and skin irritation. All ingredients used in the serum are Vegan and therefore are skin-friendly to the skin. This vitamin c face serum is enriched with Hyaluronic acid and Aloevera to provide hydration and soothe redness. Neroli, with its antimicrobial properties, combats acne breakouts and skin irritation. All ingredients used in this vitamin C serum are Vegan and therefore are skin-friendly to the skin, making it the best vitamin C serum in the organic beauty range.

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1 comment

24 Jun 2022 Amit

Vegan is really nice .

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