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How to get rid of body acne with 7 tips

07 Mar 2023 0 Comments
How to get rid of body acne with 7 tips - STRICTLY ORGANICS

Often, we ignore body acne over face acne; however, it is important to take care of your body acne as well. Most people link acne only to the skin, but it can happen to any part of your body, including the back, chest, shoulders, and buttocks. When acne appears on the body, it is known as body acne. Body acne, also known as bacne, is a common skin condition that can be uncomfortable and unsightly. Acne is more common in teenagers, though it can irritate you at any age, mainly because of hormonal changes that are not limited to your face but can occur in any part of your skin.

There are many causes of body acne and treatment for how to get rid of body acne?

Causes Of Body Acne:-

There are following variety of reasons for body acne:-

  1. Hormonal changes:  A shift in hormones, especially during teenage years, pregnancy, and menopause, can increase oil production, which leads to acne.
  2. Genetics: Genes are also equally responsible for the cause of acne, a family history of acne may increase the probability that you also have acne.
  3. Sweat & Friction: Excessive sweating, tight clothing, and rubbing of skin against clothing or objects can irritate the skin and cause acne. 
  4. Poor Hygiene: Not taking proper hygiene, especially after exercise or after excessive sweating, and not wearing washable, clean clothes that can clog pores and cause body acne
  5. Wrong Skin care: Using the wrong skin care and hair care products that do not contain non-comedogenic formulations like oil, etc. can clog your skin pores and cause acne.

How to get rid of body acne?

Acne is an uncomfortable condition that no one wants, but it is also treatable by taking prevention and seeking appropriate treatments. Following are the tips on how to treat body acne?

1.Shower regularly for proper hygiene: 

Take a shower after exercise and sweating because sweat and dirt are the biggest contributors to clogging your skin pores. Use Strictly Organic Body Wash containing Patchouli with Sea Buckthorn (read our guide on benefits of Sea Buckthorn to known its importance) filled with an essential fatty acid, Vitamin E, C, and B, and rich in antimicrobial properties, which help in getting healthy skin with proper hydration. This anti-acne body wash provides 72 hours of nonstop moisture to your skin without disturbing the pH level of your skin.

2.Use Body Wash that kills body acne:

The main cause of acne is clogged pores caused by excessive oil production, and you should avoid harsh and chemical-filled soaps because they can further irritate your skin. Use Strictly Organic tea tree body wash, this body wash is the best body wash for body acne available in the market which gently cleans pores and prevents body acne.

Tea tree body wash contains every ingredient that is required to kill body acne without causing any side effects to your skin. This acne body wash has ingredients like peppermint, tea tree, aloe vera, saccharide isomerate, and vitamin E. These ingredients are antioxidants and antimicrobials, which help your skin fight acne without rubbing off its moisture. So if you ever have a question about how to treat body acne, This back acne body wash is the answer.

Tea tree body wash

3.Exfoliate your skin:

Exfoliation is necessary to clean dead skin which clogged skin pores. Skin shedding is a natural process of skin rejuvenation that gives you a reason to use a good organic body scrub. Body scrubbing once a week helps in making a place for new skin that gives you noticeably smoother skin. On how to treat body acne? tips, exfoliation is the unavoidable one.

Walnut Body Scrub

4.Use non comedogenic moisturizer: 

Always use skin care products that do not cause blocking of the skin pores. Apply moisturizer that contains salicylic acids  to your skin ,which hydrates it without causing any further problems.

5.Avoid tight clothes: 

Try to wear loose clothes, as tight clothes easily trap dirt and bacteria, which can cause acne. Wearing cotton clothes is most advisable, as it helps your skin to breathe, and you should also wash your clothes regularly.

6.Avoid picking at your skin:

Make this another habit when learning how to get rid of body acne. On the tips list, avoid picking your acne, as it further introduces bacteria and causes irritation to your skin.

7.Take care of your diet:

Using the organic product and eating the right food make wonders for your skin's health. A proper diet affects your skin directly, since it provides you with all the nutrition you need to have good skin.


Acne anywhere on your skin is an irritating and embarrassing problem, but how do you get rid of acne? is easy with the Strictly Organic skincare product line and has the best body wash for body acne. They not only provide you with protection against skin acne but also provide long-lasting effects.The ingredients used in these products are chemical-, toxin-, and cruelty-free. By following prevention tips and seeking appropriate treatment, you can improve the appearance of your skin and boost your confidence. If you are struggling with body acne, don't hesitate to consult with a dermatologist to develop a personalized treatment plan.

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1.How to get rid of body pimples ?

Ans. You can easily get rid of body acne by following proper skin care tips and routines with organic products. Use a natural acne body wash to treat body acne.

2.How to remove body acne scars?

Ans. Use organic body scrubs and skin products with antioxidants to help reduce acne scars and brighten your skin.

3.How to treat body acne?

Ans. Use products that contain antimicrobials and antioxidants, like Strictly Organic Tea Tree Body Wash products, that provide a shield against pollution, dirt, and bacteria that cause acne breakouts.

4.How does organic body wash differ from soaps?

Ans. Soaps contain harmful chemicals which make your skin irritated and further become one of the reasons for acne breakouts while organic products do not have any side effects, they provide instant relief to your skin from natural products.

5.How often should one do exfoliation?

Ans. It is advisable to do exfoliation once or twice a week to get rid of dead skin accumulation on the skin surface.


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