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Top 7 Benefits of Rose Water for Your Face & Skin

30 Nov 2022 0 Comments
Benefits of rose water for your face


  • What is rose water?
  • Benefits of rose water
  • How to use rose water for face?
  • FAQs
  • Conclusion

Rose water is a gift of Mother Nature delivered by our ancestors, enriched with many medicinal and nutritional properties. It is the Holy Grail for beauty and beauty products. The beauty industry is empty without rose water. Rose water has unlimited, incomparable benefits for the face and skin and helps in the hydration and smoothness of the skin.

From face toner to face mask, rose water can be used as both, and it is suitable for every skin type, which makes it versatile.


What is Rose Water?

Rose water made from the distillation of rose petals that turn into rose oil. Nearly 10% to 50% of rose oil is present in rose water, which contains vitamins A, B, C, and Flavonoids and other antioxidants. These antioxidants provide strong cell protection because of their lipid peroxidation inhibitory effects.

The nutritional values of rose water make it anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti-anxiety, and antioxidant, which provide several benefits for the face and skin.

Benefits of rose water for face & skin: - 

Besides having numerous qualities, the following are the rose water benefits for the face:- 

  1. Soothes irritated skin: - Anti-inflammatory properties present in rose water help in reducing redness and puffiness, and have an astringent effect that helps to clean dirt, oil, and germs clogged in the skin pores.
  2. Nourish the Skin: - The nourishing and moisturizing properties of rose water, that make it an amazing natural moisturizer for the rejuvenation of the skin cell. 
  3. Slow down the ageing process: - Ageing is a natural process. We can only slow it down with a proper skincare routine. Rose water is full of antioxidant power that defeats free radical damage to the skin, which causes wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging.
  4. Maintain pH level: - The pH of rose water is usually between 4.0-4.5, which is suitable for our skin. Rose water reduces excess oil secretion without disturbing your skin's pH level.
  5. Tightening open skin pores: -Rose water contains tannins, which aid in reducing skin pores and gently toning the skin.
  6. Fight Acne and Pimples: - The number of antioxidants in rose water clean dirt, excessive oil, and germs that cause acne and make skin duller. 
  7. Defeat Dandruff: - Rose water is mildly astringent and helps clear oil and dandruff. It has anti-inflammatory properties, making it beneficial to the hair and scalp. Rich in vitamins A, C, D, E, and B3, which promote hair growth.

How to use Rose water on your face & skin?

Rosewater's benefits for the face are many, but how you use it on your face makes a difference. There are many homemade DIYs that are popular and available on the internet; you can try them. Other than that, it can be used as:

Face Toner: - toning must be an essential part of your skincare routine. Pure rose water possesses astringent properties that help remove oil and dirt from pores, but the question arises: how to use rose water as a toner?

The step is simple to follow: just apply rose water to the face with the help of a cotton pad, follow this step after washing your face with face wash.

Facial Mist: Rose water can be used as a facial mist that provides instant freshness and calmness to the skin.

Makeup remover: It is a natural and vegan makeup remover that contains rosewater oil, a natural astringent with nourishing and hydrating properties that aids in gently removing makeup without causing any tears to the skin or face.

Rose water as a moisturizer: - Rose water has antioxidants and antibacterial properties that improve skin texture and lock in moisture by reducing transdermal water loss.

Rose water becomes magical when it combines with other ingredients like aloe vera gel, almond oil, and geranium. The mixture makes the skin healthy, powers the skin barrier, and prevents water loss by locking in the moisture of the skin.

There are many rose water-based products available, but you must try 

  1. Strictly Organics Aloe Vera Gel for Face and Hair Infused with Rose and Hyaluronic Acid: 

It is a multi-tasking gel that can be used for both skin and hair. It contains rose water and hyaluronic acid, which provide instant moisture to the skin and hair. The hyaluronic acid present in this product has incredible properties to retain moisture in the skin.

 Benefits of Strictly Organics Aloe Vera Gel: It has numerous benefits mentioned below:
  • Reduces Dark Spots & Pigmentation,
  • Reduces Acne & Breakouts
  • Natural hydration booster for skin and hairs, proteolytic enzymes that prevent itchy scalp and nourishes the hair.
  • Soothes redness and irritation of the skin that repairs sun damage and fights skin aging.
  • Can be used by all skin type
Best Aloe Vera Gel For Face
  1. Strictly Organics Natural & Vegan Face Moisturizer with Aloe Vera & Almond Oil: 

Made up of an organic blend of skin-soothing ingredients, including rose, almond oil, geranium, sunflower oil, aloe Vera, and vitamin E, it provides long-lasting hydration to the skin for 24 hours without any grease.

Geranium and sunflower oil contain antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that help to soothe irritated skin and slow the onset of ageing symptoms such as wrinkles.

Benefits of Strictly Organics natural face moisturizer: This organic face moisturizer is the best moisturizer for dry skin, it

  • Hydrates the skin
  • Remove Dullness
  • Soothes irritated skin
  • Improve skin tone
Best Face Moisturizer For Dry Face 


Rose water's benefits for the face and skin are infinite, and it works great when it blends with other ingredients like aloe Vera. This organic mixture becomes undefeatable and can conquer many skin problems. It does wonders with your hair; it helps in promoting hair growth, reduces dandruff, and also provides natural shine and volume. Strictly organic aloe vera gel and natural moisturizer are the best available products that are loaded with rose water magic in them.

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Can I apply rose water directly to my face overnight?

Yes, you can use it overnight. It is easily absorbed by the skin, which hydrates the skin well and also improves skin tone over time.

What happens if we apply rose water at night?

It improves the skin's texture by tightening the skin pores when used with aloe vera gel. It seals in the moisture of your skin, which helps the skin cope with certain skin problems like redness and puffiness.

What happens when we apply rose water to our faces?

Rose water benefits your face with unbeatable hydration, and antioxidants provide your skin with a shield that protects it from free radicals that cause dark spots, acne, and blemishes.

What happens when we apply Aloe Vera Gel to our faces?

Aloe Vera gel is excellent for dry, flaky, and patchy skin and acts as a booster moisturizer by locking in moisture. It helps with skin whitening and removes pigmentation from your skin.

Aloe vera's antibacterial and antioxidant properties are beneficial to acne-prone skin, killing germs and maintaining the balance of oil secretion of your skin.

How often can I use rose water on my face?

Rose water does not have side effects on the skin; you can use it once or twice a day without thinking twice.


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